Monday, October 20, 2014

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Tonight, Monday, October 20, Vito DiGiovanni and Vito Palmeri will be guests via Skype on The Rick Amato Show on One America News Network at 10pm EST.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Enough is Enough!

Rachel Noerdlinger, Rev. Al Sharpton, Chirlane McCray & Mayor Bill de Blasio
City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger should quit her job. Mayor de Blasio should fire her immediately.

Why? Because she is a mess.

First of all, why does Shirlane McCray, the First Lady of New York City, have a top aide? After being a top aide for Rev. Al Sharpton, she now works for the de Blasios and makes over $170,000 a year.

Don't ask why.

Rachel Noerdlinger also owes over $900 in parking tickets and has thousands E-Zee Pass debt. Rachel also owes over $28,000 in tax liens to the IRS. And she owes thousands to credit card companies too. She’s also been in eviction proceedings twice — once in 2002 for $2,996 in back rent on her Harlem apartment and last year in New Jersey for $5,037. Both cases were settled.

She drives a Mercedes-Benz but can't seem to find the money, or time, to pay the tickets and debt. But don't worry, she's in good company being pals with de Blasio.

Can you smell the corruption?

Apparently she cannot move from New Jersey to New York either, because of her son's injuries from previous car accidents. But the son plays high school football!

Rachel's boyfriend is another mess. First off, she lied about living with him. She's dating Hassaun McFarlan, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1993 at age 15 after he shot an 18-year-old to death. McFarlan has also called cops 'pigs' on social media and is very vulgar and vocal online towards the police force.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Socialist Bernie Sanders Blames Bush for ISIS

This guy.... (Photo:

Self-described “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders (I-VT) attacked former President George W. Bush on Sunday, blaming his administration for the rise of ISIS, the Washington Times reports.

“This is an enormously complicated issue. We are here today because of the disastrous blunder of the Bush-Cheney era, which got us into this war in Iraq in the first place, which then developed the can of worms that we’re trying to deal with right now.”

Sanders, like other leftists, do not seem to get it.

The problem with this argument was that Bush had actually defeated terror. The United States liberated both Afghanistan and Iraq, from oppressive rule, eliminated the safe haven for terrorists in Afghanistan, rid the Iraqi people of brutal dictatorship and brought freedom and democracy to a part of the world that is consumed with a backwards culture that keeps little girls from going to school and kills gay people (Sharia law).

Sanders forgets that that the Bush administration had negotiated a Status Forces Argeement with Iraq that would have kept residual forces behind. It was the Obama administration that pulled out of Iraq, after top U.S. generals told him not to, in order to score political points with the Anti-War Left crowd and win re-election. This lack of competence, and responsibility, left Iraq vulnerable to terror attacks falling into the hands of terrorists.

The rise of the Islamic State starts in Syria, where the Obama administration’s lack of action to help the Free Syrian Army originally overthrow the oppressive Assad regime led to the Middle East power vacuum. This lack of action inspired the rise of radical terror groups to take over control of the fight in Syria. ISIS stems from Syria that Islamic extremists have taken over.

Sanders also talked about how he doesn't want the U.S. to be dragged into a “perpetual war.”

ISIS has declared war on all of the Western World. Sorry Mr. Marx - I mean, Sanders.

We are at war. Either we beat them or they beat us. 

Pick one...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - Ebola Outbreak Scare & Houston Pastors' 1st Amendment

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Dallas nurse, Nina Pham, contracted ebola while treating Mr. Duncan. She has been transferred to Maryland for better treatment.

Also, Houston lesbian Mayor Annise Parker subpoenaed pastors' sermons to see if any spoke about homosexuality or about her.

Dallas nurse Nina Pham
Vito and Vito go off on liberals and President Obama as usual!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Joe Biden Calls Himself “White Boy” and Slams Tea Party

He's like a crazy Uncle... (Photo; Brietbart. com)

There’s a reason they call him “Crazy Joe”….

Joe Biden, while in South Carolina on Tuesday, attacked the Tea Party by labeling them as “crazy.” Speaking in a closed door  meeting to black clergy members, Joe Biden took no time in drawing the race card calling himself “the only white boy on the east side of Wilmington.” CNN reports that Biden also went on to talk about how the Republican Party has changed. Biden said the Tea Party is “crazy” and that the Republican Party of today has “no judgment.”

Ha, that’s funny, coming from the Vice President of the most incompetent and indecisive administration this country has ever seen.

Biden was in South Carolina on Tuesday to help fund raise (as if this administration does anything else) for South Carolina candidates.

But don’t worry, “Crazy Joe” wasn't done spewing left-wing nonsense. He went on talk about “income inequality” and the “unfairness” of corporate profits, about how voter ID laws in Red States are “discouraging” African Americans from voting along with the always fun climate change fever talk (no pun intended). He, of course, blamed Republicans for Washington’s gridlock and was calling on voters to elect Democrat members to Congress.

Biden’s fundraising adventure didn't stop there! He went on to the South Carolina Democratic Party fundraiser at the home of Dick Harpootlian, former state party chairman.

Here’s a direct quote from Mr. Harpootlian:

“He [Biden] gave a great speech…Republicans are being stymied by the extremists John Boehner doesn't want to go against. He said that hopefully some moderates can prevail this November."

See that Ladies and Gentlemen, Democrats want Republicans to win.

As long as they're “moderate”.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Obamanomics Has Made Us Weak

Guess which one saved America...(

The U.S. will become the world’s number two economy, falling behind China soon. 

That’s right, a semi-communist nation that holds a one-child policy and disrespects basic human rights has surpassed the greatest nation on Earth. China's, according to the IMF, purchasing power, by the end of 2014 will be 16.48 % while the U.S. will make up 16.28%.

This has more to do with the failures of this current administration than anything else. Let’s look back on just how awful Obamanomics has been for this country

The United States’ credit rating was downgraded.

The Labor Force Participation Rate is the lowest it’s been in 36 years, with more than a third of 
Americans out of the workforce.

The Fed’s easy money policy is creating another bubble before our very eyes, pumping up the stock 
market on low interest rates.

The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world at 35%.

And just for fun, let’s take a look at President Reagan’s economic reforms.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Obama's Indecisiveness Threatens World Security

U.S. air strikes are not working as ISIS has deployed over 10,000 militants to fight on two fronts. Now, ISIS is making their way towards Baghdad and Kobani, fighting on two fronts. Kurdish fighters have been desperately trying to hold off ISIS fighters, but with supply shortages and no additional military back up aside from coalition airstrikes, the Kurds look like they’re in a lot of trouble. Baghdad encompasses everything Iraq. It is the capital and is at risk of falling to terrorists.

Yes, the same terrorists President Barack Obama called a “JV team." The same terrorists the President underestimated.

If Iraq falls to ISIS, we would have no one else to blame. The ignorance of the American People, (those who voted for Obama) President Obama himself, and our allies. ISIS is on the move and President Obama’s indecisiveness is killing us. As I write this, I am angry and you should be too. ISIS doesn’t care for us. Our nation is being spit at by blood thirsty Muslim extremists who hate democracy and freedom. They want to establish a caliphate and destroy anyone who is against them. Our way of life is a threat to ISIS and they want to destroy every bit of western civilization to pursue their radical, sick, backwards agenda.

Could this have been avoided? Yes. We could have kept troops in Iraq, a residual force, and our intelligence and military personnel would have been better able to spot these freaks from breaching the borders of Syria and Iraq. Instead, to score political points, the President has jeopardized American national security by failing to keep residual forces. He also failed to read his daily briefings on ISIS and is doing nothing to stop them now.

To think this is no big deal and that we should have “never been there in the first place” is foolish. If you believe this, then you believe that the world was better with Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq, slaughtering and gassing his own people, possibly developing nuclear weapons and aiding terrorists.

We won Iraq and now it is in jeopardy.