Sunday, September 21, 2014

Anti-Islamist Ads in New York City

Coming soon in New York City are anti-Islamist ads on over one hundred buses and two train stations. Mayor Bill de Blasio has come out against the new ads calling them,

"outrageous, inflammatory and wrong." And said, "[they] have no place in New York City, or anywhere."

Mayor de Blasio said that the ads divide the city while we all should be coming together. The new ads are trying to single out extremists.

See the new ads below.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Conservative

Mr. Conservative - Barry Goldwater (Photo:

The Conservative is someone who understands the individual, who respects the individual's rights to his property, life and happiness. The populist theme of "collectivism" is often used as the answer to society's problems when, through history, it has proven to destroy man's individual spirit and treat him as if he is apart of the government's property.  Karl Marx is taught in sociology and philosophy courses around the world and hailed as a brilliant thinker who knew how to solve "social conflict" between the "classes" by abolishing property rights, abandoning private ownership and exposing the "exploitation of the proletariat class."


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thur 8pm - The Vito and Vito Show - Congressman Michael Grimm & Constitution Week


Tonight, check out Vito and Vito's interview of New York 11's Congressman Michael Grimm! Domenic Recchia is challenging Grimm in November and it's going to be a tough race. Michael Grimm certainly didn't make it easy for himself with scandals and indictments. See what the Congressman had to say also about our border security, Ukraine, and ISIS!

Also, Vito and Vito celebrated the signing of the Constitution at New York City's Constitution Week! We recap the last week of celebration including another interview! Lucky you!

Vito and Vito, along with Gene Berardelli of WAAR's Behind Enemy Lines, interviewed Shane Krauser. Shane is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, professor of constitutional and criminal law, a former prosecutor, a certified NRA firearms instructor, chief instructor of K-Force Vanguard, has his own radio talk show in Arizona, and is the author of "Your Nation to Save" - which Behind Enemy Lines generously gave away to one lucky listener last night!

Click the link on top or call in to listen live 619.639.4603

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No More Horse and Carriage?

Horse and carriage rides through Central Park are beautiful, romantic, and a staple of New York City culture. Well, it may all be gone soon.

Mayor de Blasio says a new bill will be delivered soon to fulfill his campaign promise. What? You didn't know he wanted to do that? Why would any New Yorker vote for someone when they didn't know their agenda?
Welcome to the "People's Republic of New York".

Mayor de Blasio avoided questions concerning a possible compromise allowing horses to stay in certain stables inside Central Park.

"It is a very complicated issue.” Mayor de Blasio stated. The City Council may not pass the bill once it's proposed. Hopefully they do not. As a Councilman, de Blasio doubted a horse-carriage ban, but once campaign donations started, Mayor de Blasio quickly switched positions. We've seen this when he cut charter school funding because of the great relationship he has with the UFT, the largest teachers union. Now, NYCLASS and others have donated handsomely to de Blasio and the money has changed his views. Some even gave too much money and de Blasio had to give some back to avoid legal problems.

Monday, September 15, 2014

He Just Doesn't Get It

A disaster... (Photo:
The President spoke Wednesday about defeating ISIS, in his typical, monotone and expressionless voice. His speech looked forced, bland and very similar to Jimmy Carter's "Malaise Speech".

The guy looked disgusting!

He labeled this fight, not as a war against the enemies of America, but as a "counter-terrorism operation" like the one's we have seen in Somalia and Yemen. For those of you not aware, Somalia and Yemen are breeding grounds for terror. The U.S. engages in low-cost involvement type operations in these areas to "counter-terror." According to National Review, U.S. has special forces in Somalia, to fight back these sick animals who use a sick, twisted interpretation of Islam as a doctrine to take over the world. The result is pathetic.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rob Ford's Reign is Over

It's been real.
Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has decided to withdraw from the mayoral race.

Rob Ford withdrew mainly because of his health, after discovering a tumor.

But, Rob Ford will not be leaving government anytime soon! His nephew, Michael Ford, withdrew from his City Council seat to run for school trustee, so Rob will now run for that open seat in Etobicoke North. Also, Rob's brother, Doug Ford, will be running for Mayor. So Toronto may still have a Ford in City Hall next year!

As many know, Mayor Rob Ford has always been special to Vito and Vito and Brooklyn GOP Radio. Vito Palmeri nominated him for Buffoon of the Week many times, and even almost won Buffoon of the Year! The drugs, parties, and politics of Rob Ford has made him a spectacle. The amazing part is, for most of the time, Rob Ford had a higher approval rating than President Obama!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fixing the 1st Amendment?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, are proposing to amend the Constitution. The idea is to fix the First Amendment.

Yes, fix it.

The argument is, money that influences elections should be regulated. Are public donations considered free speech? Democrats don't think so. Apparently, forty-six Senate Democrats believe the First Amendment is an impediment to re-elections.

Senate Republicans passed the language to be debated on the floor with the excuse that Democrats are just wasting another week debating a bill that will surely fail.

Corporations flood the political sphere with money every election. By limiting free speech, Democrats are actually making our speech more free. By limiting speech for corporations and billionaires allows unlimited speech for millions of average Americans.

Who are you joking?